Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekly Goals 22-12-14

Let's face it….  It's Christmas week, so aiming to get anything much done except eating and unwrapping gifts and then cleaning up is foolish.  So I've set aside my MS for the week so I can fully focus on the other things that need my attention - like my kids.

I finish up at work tomorrow and don't go back until January 5th which is a nice little break.  Especially considering I've only been in the job 3 weeks!  But I plan to use the break wisely.  We are going to do a whole house spring clean, top to bottom, inside and out.  It might take the whole break….

After all the Christmas madness is over (next Monday, I promise) I will get back into my WIP. I hope to have this first draft finished by mid-January when I go away for a week.  Possibly even sooner.  But either way, I will let it rest while I'm in the South Island, then start revising when I get back.  And it's gonna need a lot of revising….

What are your goals for this week?

Have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate!

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  1. I'm babysitting my neighbor's Love Bird while he's out of town. Cute little fella, named Brisbane. He loves to help me type blogs(smile).
    I did the top to bottom clean before Thanksgiving.

    Have a good Christmas, Kate. Enjoy it all!