Monday, August 26, 2013

People watching

I was meeting a friend for dinner earlier, and, as usual for me, got there early.  Which gave me a chance to indulge in one of my favorite pass times - people watching.

I love sitting somewhere and just watching people move around, going about their business, completely unaware they're being watched.  The expressions on their faces and the way they move tell me so much.

I can tell that woman with the creased brow who's walking way too fast on shoes that have to be hurting her feet is running late.  But what for?  She's in a suit, like she's just left work, but the shoes are a little too high and bold for an office job.  Hot date?  Or is she on her way home, rushing to get there ahead of her husband/boyfriend so she can take off those shoes that she wore because she was meeting someone else, someone special for lunch?

And the guy with the huge bunch of roses.  Apology for the stupid fight he had with his partner over breakfast?  Or maybe he's going on a date with a woman he met through an online dating site and he wants to really impress her, to live up to the character he created online.

The homeless dude sitting in the doorway of the building with the earthquake danger sticker displayed prominently?  Is he so intoxicated he can't read the sign?  Or does he not care?  Has life on the street worn him down so much, he's willing to just lie there and let the building crumble over him if it so desires?

Unfortunately my friend showed up way too quickly and I didn't have time to develop any more stories about the people I was.  But they're always there.

Do you like people watching?  What kind of stories do you invent?


  1. I LOVE people watching. My husband and I do it all the time. Our dates are spent silently watching, with only an occasional eyebrow raise from one or both if something interesting is spotted.

  2. Those are some great storied Kate. I was on a crusie and spent the whole time obsessing on this 40-year-old with a hot 20-year-old. Wife? Date? Mistress? Secretary? My mind wandered.

  3. Ah, yes, great fun. I can imagine all sorts of lives for them and some might even find their way into one of my stories.

  4. I love to people watch! Just like you, I make up stories, and if something about them is particularly striking, I'll file it away to use later in a story.

  5. I have a feeling that most of those people have a much more mundane existence than you imagine. I only people watch about clothes. It's amazing what eastern bloc tourists think is proper attire - stuff I'd consider proper for a hooker.

  6. Do I like people watching... NYC was a dream, as far as that goes. My goodness the subway was a goldmine of unique, awkward, and just plain funny. Sometimes I miss it.

  7. I love people watching! They're a great source of story ideas. Thanks for stopping by my blog