Monday, May 13, 2013


I've been asked for a book proposal and two chapters from an editor.  Which is exciting, even if the book isn't something I'm 100% passionate about writing.  But to be honest, I'm not sure exactly what a proposal entails, or what format it should take.

Is it like a query blurb?  A longer synopsis?  Or something halfway in between?

And is there a specific layout editors expect?

Does anyone know the answers to this?  At the moment I have about 1.5 pages, single spaced, outlining what I think the story will be.  Given I'm a pantser, and never do outlines, this is more than I usually start a book with, and I'm entirely unsure if I'll stick with it once I start writing.

I also haven't included the ending in my proposal because I don't know what it is going to be.  My MC has 2 choices and until I get to know her better through writing the story, I don't know which way she'll lean.

If any of you know about proposals, could you share your insight?


  1. That sounds very exciting Kate... I know very little about proposals, but this site seems to explain it pretty simply - what to add in a proposal. Best of luck and can't wait to hear more about this story:)

    1. Thanks Tania! That's helpful, even though it's for non-fiction. I guess if I lay it out the same way, but without the table of contents type thing, I should be okay.

  2. I only familiar with non-fiction proposals which I think is a completely different beast. Good luck!

  3. this may or may not help, it's craft book based proposal and also a us one . Maybe it's worth asking what they want from you?

  4. Thanks for all the help and congratulations! I'll keep you posted as to what happens next. Probably nothing, but you never know....

  5. Congrats on the request! Check out this website for help on putting together a proposal. Scroll down to where it says "Fiction Proposal".

    I usually include the following:

    Synopsis (including the ending)
    Sample Chapters
    Market Analysis (listing books similar to yours that did well)
    And some form of a sales hook/log line

  6. oh gosh congrats this is exciting!