Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oohh! Shiny!

After just grousing about not having any new ideas, one dropped out of the sky and whanged me upside the head.  And when I thought it through, I could amalgamate another story idea I've had hanging around for a while with it.

So I think I'm going to be starting a new book soon.  And it's going to be far more complicated than anything I've ever written before.  Or at least, I think it's going to be complicated.  I have so little idea of the actual details of the plot at this stage, I really don't know what might happen.

I have two awesome characters.  And I know a lot more about one than the other.  And I know how they are going to react to one another, and that there will be a huge, tragic moment toward the end.  But  the finer details I'll need to discover as I go along.

I keep thinking I'll start today, but I feel like I need to think about it all longer so maybe those fine details might filter through into my brain.  But then I also have my characters' voices in my head, ready to start telling their story.

Should I let the story settle, or just write and find it?


  1. I've always pondered an idea until it's SCREAMING at me to write it. (I haven't heard any screaming lately...) But I know you can write scenes as they come to you and you'll be fine. :-)

  2. This is an exciting time, isn't it? When an idea is growing. For me, I need to do both let the story grow in all manners. Dreams, asking questions and journaling.

  3. if it were me, I'd start writing it down before you lose your passion and excitement for it. You can always go back and tweak as you work out the finer points.

  4. I write ideas down as they come (for any given plot), but I usually don't start writing until I have a very clear picture of where I'm going. Of course, I'm a major plotter, so that could be why!

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