Thursday, September 6, 2012

Semi-weekly progress report

I realized I didn't do this last week, so I can't call this a weekly progress report.  So let's just stick with semi-weekly, shall we?  Like the semi-annual post holiday greeting cards I sometimes manage to get out in February each year.  So yeah.  I'm hopeless.  But at least I recognize that.  It has to stand for something, right?

So where am I?

I'm revising.  Still.  I've managed to get a lot done in the last two days.  Eight or nine chapters.  I'm thrilled.  Not entirely happy with the results, especially chapter 36 where I think too much happens in too short a time, but I'm leaving it because I don't want things to drag.

My first draft was 42 chapters long, but I've moved and changed things as I revised, so I'm thinking I'm going to wind up with 44, maybe 45.  They're all relatively short - under 3K, and most of them between 1500 and 2K.

I've reached the point where I need to write a bunch of new stuff because I've decided to change, not the ending, but the lead up to the ending.  I think that's going to be most of a chapter.  Then I have a few more things I want to tweak and change to clarify the character arc.  But I think I'm definitely on track to finish this revision by the end of next week which was my deadline.

Then it's off to the betas.  I hope they are full of fantastic ideas to smooth out the funky bits.  I'm already seeing a huge improvement in the chapters my awesome critique partners have read.

How are you doing with your WIP?


  1. I'm fast drafting at the moment. I started yesterday and got the first 15k done. The story is flowing! Yay!

  2. I resolving the beginning of a draft I started in June so I can start really drafting next week. Good luck with the rest of your revisions.

  3. I'm with Sarah. I'm taking a break and starting next weel. Kelly and Kate are making us look so bad... 15K...sheesh

  4. Hi there I'm a new follower, it's good to meet you! I've just finished a 3rd edit of my fantasy, Arrosay and at that stage where I think 'Whats the next step.'