Monday, September 10, 2012

Reason number 1 036 452...

There are eleventy-million reasons why I love my critique partners and beta readers.  They are always full of useful ideas and suggestions and corrections that make my writing stronger and better.  But the biggest reason I love my CPs is when they come up with a solution to a problem I've been struggling with.  And yesterday, my gorgeous, wonderful CP, solved the huge plot problem I was having with my book.

You know the one?  I've been agonizing over it for weeks.  I rewrote the chapters involved five times in 3 weeks and still wasn't happy.  Yeah, that one.

My CP read the chapters and with one line, managed to solve the entire problem.  I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it myself!  It was so simple.  And it will make the ending even more effective.  Not to mention I can cut two whole chapters out which will give me an extra 3-4K to play with later on in the book.

I'm so relieved!  I spent four hours last night tweaking and cutting and playing to make this new direction happen, and I'm surprised at how easy it has been.  And I know the book is that much stronger now!

If I get a good day's writing in tomorrow, I should still be on track to finish the draft by the end of the week.

How much do you love your CPs?  Give them a shout out in the comments!


  1. I've always thought it's better to keep the details/twists of a new ms to yourself so that your CPs will get everything fresh, like real-live readers, and you'll get their gut reactions. But I'm changing my mind. I think a good amount of brain-storming together can really help a novel as it gets off the ground. If they know where you're trying to go, they can help more. And there are other betas or CPs who can give the gut-reaction later.

    I'm sure glad you got a solution to your problem. (Hee-hee.) :-D

    1. You know I owe it all to you.... I bow at your feet!

  2. Very cool. I love that.

    It really helps to have someone read through your whole story and offer feedback on more than just a snippet or two, which is kind of the drawback with all the online/blog critiques (although those serve their own purpose).

  3. My work would be complete rubbish without my CPs. They rock my face off. :)

  4. I'm just getting into the world of writing...finished my novel and looking for CP's. Keeping my eyes peeled and hoping to find one, or some, as good as yours!

  5. I am so grateful for my CPs. It's not easy to find one that can give me what I'm looking for, and I feel fortunate that with my last WIP, the CPs that I'd approached really came through for me. Glad you're having a good experience with yours.

  6. I've been working with some of mine for 3 or 4 years now, and even when I've never met them in person, they're like my best friends!

  7. I love my CPs too! My weak spot is characterization, and they've been *SO* helpful in helping me find ways to flesh out the supporting characters. Those ladies rock! Glad your CP was able to help you get over a stumbling block.