Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dialogue bloghop

My friend Juliana is having a really fun bloghop this week. It's all about dialogue and keeping it concise. So concise in fact, each line of dialogue can only be as long as a Tweet - 140 characters.

So here's my attempt...


@youngerkate How’d you feel about being a daddy?

@maybehubby A what?’

@youngerkate A dad. You know, a father.

@maybehubby Are you trying to tell me something?

@youngerkate Yep. Ten weeks.

@maybehubby You’ve known for ten weeks?

@youngerkate No. I’m ten weeks pregnant.

@maybehubby How long have you known?

@youngerkate Only since last week.

@maybehubby You’ve known that long? Why didn’t you…

@youngerkate You were on tour.

@maybehubby Oh my god! We’re having a baby.

@youngerkate Looks that way…

@maybehubby But I don’t want to have a baby.

@youngerkate I’m not exactly ready either!

@maybehubby Only ten weeks, right? You could still….

@youngerkate If I wanted to. But I don’t.

@maybehubby Why not?

@youngerkate I’m thirty-one, dude. I’m not unhappy about it.

@maybehubby What if I’m unhappy?

@youngerkate I was pretty freaked out to begin with too!

@maybehubby You’re on the pill. How’d it happen?

@youngerkate The usual way. The pill’s not infallible.

@maybehubby You didn’t do it on purpose did you?

@youngerkate What?

@maybehubby Stop taking the birth control?

@youngerkate No! Of course not!

@maybehubby I’m not mad. Just….scared.

@youngerkate I know. But we’ve talked about it.

@maybehubby Talking about kids is different to having them.

@youngerkate You said you’d have kids with me.

@maybehubby I didn’t think you’d get pregnant…

@youngerkate So quickly, right?

@maybehubby You’ve only been back, what?

@youngerkate Ten weeks.

@maybehubby You mean…

@youngerkate That night.

@maybehubby The Jaeger?

@youngerkate That’s when it happened.

@maybehubby Jesus!

What do you think? And don't forget to pop over and see some of the other entries. It's going to be great!


  1. Lol, this was hilarious! I love this little look into your life :) There's something about all dialogue that's so easy to read.

  2. Fun. Gotta love the inspiration from twitter . . .

  3. Nicely done! It's interesting how I pictured these characters even though there were zero descriptions aside from your excellent dialogue!

  4. This was a really fun dialogue, and I also could understand who they were in spite of no set-up of the scene.

  5. Hah! The Jaeger. Very good, very nutshell. I have trouble with that, as you might see with my attempt ;)

    But yeah, I love the realist back-and-forth, the u-turns and repetitions.

  6. I'm a new follower to your blog! :)

    Loved the story! I mean I really LOVED IT! There's an old saying in the Maritimes--all the sailors had to do was hang up their pants and the women would get pregnant! Your story reminds me of that saying! I enjoyed the interchange between them. Lots of fun! :)

  7. This is cute. Loved the flow of the back-and-forth!

  8. How adorable! Loved your entry. :)