Sunday, November 27, 2011

Progress report...

I promised to keep you up to date with my progress as I rewrite The Boyfriend Plague. I'm feeling pretty good about it because in a week, I've managed to get through 8 chapters. I've managed to salvage a lot of the old book too, which has obviously saved me time.

Now I'm into a new chapter, so I imagine my pace may slow a little this week. There's a lot of new material I need to slide in. I'm also losing my Wednesday writing day because I'm going with my son's class on a field trip.

But I hope to get through to at least Chapter 12 by the end of the week. Maybe a little more if I'm really lucky....

How are you progressing with your WIP? NaNo is almost over. How many of you have made it?


  1. Woo! That sounds good, I'm glad to see it's going well. Exciting stuff.
    Well now the first set of uni assigments in, I can happily do some more work on the current WIP. Happy days =]

  2. Great progress. Not much here over the long weekend, but tons of house work shopping and wrapping were done. :-)

  3. All important things, right? We can't write ALL the time.

  4. Congrats!! Keep up the good work.

    I seem to be in a slump...

  5. Thanks Kelley!

    If I can't make it work this time, I'm moving on...

  6. Good progress on your novel.... I can officially say I beat NaNo - my first attempt.. though the novel itself still needs more chps added:)