Friday, November 25, 2011

Early Rising

Yesterday I had to go away on a work related trip. It wasn't far, to a town about 2.5 hours away, but because I was relying on public transport, and a ride from a colleague, I had to leave very early in the morning. Getting up that early isn't a problem - I do that every day so I can write before the kids get up - but going somewhere that early was interesting.

Who knew so many people left for work before 7am? The bus was crowded. Not as crowded as it would be at 8 or 8:30, but quite crowded, and people got on at almost every stop. At the train station, people swarmed off the train I was going to get on. Standing room only. And this was the train that comes from a town more than an hour away.

So there are large numbers of people who have to be up and ready to leave for work by 6am. Especially those who commute. It made me feel very grateful for my own flexible hours, and the fact I have a very short distance to travel between my house and my work. I can't imagine having to travel an hour each way every day. Sure, it's a good time to read or catch up with editing, but how long does it make your day?

Do you commute long distances? Do you enjoy it? How early do you have to leave in the morning?


  1. For many years, I commuted a LONG way to work. By that I mean an hour, and then in another location, it was closer to an hour and a half. That's each way mind you! I drove my own car. The upside was that I liked having distance between my private life and the big company where I worked - at least I didn't have to see them all at the grocery store! But it was exhausting. Now I am only a few minutes from where I work. I think a half hour commute is nice for gathering your thoughts, but any more than that is draining!

  2. An hour and a half is long. I enjoy the 25 minutes or so it takes me on the bus most of the time, but then I remember what it was like when I lived in town and could walk to walk in less than 10 minutes and wonder if that was better...

  3. I don't have to commute that far, but I do do it by bus. I leave home a 7am which means a 5.45am wake up. But I like mornings. And I like my half hour on the bus; I disappear into whatever novel I'm reading and enjoy the only little piece of 'me time' I get all day!