Sunday, February 6, 2011

Loss of radio contact!

At about 11am this morning, for no apparent reason, the modem in my office died. I didn't realize to begin with because I was busy programming the ticketing system and that doesn't use the inter-webs. But when I finished that, and moved onto the next set of chores, I discovered the loss and was flummoxed. Sending session times to distributors - no. Re-doing websites - no. Sending media the schedule - no. Hmmmmm.... What was I going to do? I realized I have become way too dependent on email as a means of communication.

I think we all have. And it's a good thing. Can you imagine having to do everything we do now by mail? Instead of things taking a morning to confirm, it would take weeks! In my job, I would have to have schedules and session times set weeks in advance which would mean if a film was a surprise flop/hit, I wouldn't be able to re-schedule to address its popularity or lack of.

But at the same time, it would mean less last minute stress, less rushing around at the last minute to generate publicity.

But I'm glad it's back on. I feel very isolated when my main line of communication is cut off. Do you?

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  1. When the internet or the network go down at work I'm always at a loss. So much of what I do requires that connection. home it's always a good excuse to unplug and go write. I almost considered shutting the internet off for a day a month just for that reason ^_^