Thursday, November 25, 2010

What next?

I have my shiny new NaNo certificate on the wall over my desk, and did you see the little banner at the side of the blog? Pretty huh? Enough gloating though. I may have reached the 50K goal, but the book isn't finished yet. I was aiming to get there by the end of the month, but I realized I have another 8 -10 chapters to go, and it's unrealistic to think I'll finish them by Tuesday night. So I'm aiming for Friday.

And after that? Well, I want to read through the book. So far I haven't gone back at all so have no idea if it makes sense or has a shape or even says what I want it to. So I'll do a read through and make myself some notes. Then I'm going to put it to bed for a while. I have pages of revision notes for Assignment 9 to go though and I'm determined to make December the month I get that book whipped into shape. A wonderful friend of mine has agreed to do a novel critique swap, so I'm going to do hers while she does mine. So with that in mind, I should have the impetus to get it done.

Then there's Prayer and Prey which also needs a complete overhaul and another 20K added to its length. So maybe that will be my January project. Then in February I may be able to return to this new book with fresh eyes. It's going to need a lot of work. I know that already. I foresee a lot of cutting, and shaping. But that's okay. I'm not in a rush. I don't imagine I'll be ready to go with this one until June or July at the earliest. Possibly not until NaNo swings around again next year.

And somewhere in there, I'm going to have to find time to write some short stories. I feel like my short fiction group is suffering a bit from all the time and attention I've been lavishing on novels... Don't worry my lovely Let's Publish family. I haven't forgotten you and I will be back soon....

What are your post-NaNo plans?


  1. Congrats again on hitting 50k ^_^

    I'm hoping this inspiration that finally got me writing again means I'll be able to make more short stories in the midst of the edits I have coming up. I have to pick the story I want to send to my awesome critique buddy (I have two, both at about 75% done, I still don't know which I like more), I have to take a look at last year's NaNo at some point (which will be almost all rewriting), and I have to...oh yeah...finish a novella ^_^

    I hope you're enjoying relaxing for the next few days, at least over the weekend. I'm attaching a leftover turkey sandwich for you.

  2. Yummy! You knew the breast meat was my favorite!