Sunday, November 28, 2010

The last few yards

I'm struggling. I'll admit it. I can't seem to finish my book. I've tried working backward from the ending, I've tried following through from where I was up to, but I can't seem to make it work. I know what needs to happen, but I can't seem to write it. And weirdly, I can't write either character's perspective. The rest of the way through, whenever I got stuck, I'd just move into the other POV and that would usually move things along. At this point, neither of my characters is helping me out.

The other interesting thing that has happened is I've realized Tony's journey is actually almost more interesting than Lucy's. She gets all the big emotional moments, but Tony's quiet struggle with his own nature is becoming more and more fascinating to me. I'm also discovering they have more in common than I initially thought. They both have a need for control. Which creates an interesting dynamic between them.

I'll keep slogging ahead. Maybe I need to do something interesting with one of the side characters. That might get things kick-started again. I have to do something, or I'll keep noodling about here in the middle, never getting Lucy to that damn party which is the climax of the book.

How do you get through your knotty moments?


  1. That sucks that you're stuck. You'll figure it out though, I know you will ^_^ I don't have any techniques to get me through my knotty moments. Doing things like throwing in random events doesn't do it for me. The closest thing I have is to walk away and spend a few days letting the characters play in my head before I go back to the page. Kind of mental 'what if?'

  2. Maybe that's what I need to do. Just get away from it for a few days. But I was so determined to finish by Friday...