Sunday, July 4, 2010

Throwing It Out There

I sent off three new queries for Assignment 9 last night. I haven't heard back from everyone I sent my last round out to, but it has been six weeks and it seems that a lot of agents have adopted a policy of only responding if they are interested. Which saves time I guess. And saves me the pain of another form rejection.

At this point I don't know what to expect. So far I have not even been asked for a partial, but I think the query letter I was using until recently kind of sucked. Now I have a much better query, and I hope it will translate into requests. I have confidence in my book, especially since it made it as far as the semi-final round of ABNA. That's in the top 50 of 5000 YA entries. And my review from Publishers Weekly was really good. I know a competition like this doesn't mean a whole lot, because it is so dependent on the quality of the other entries. I assume that a large number of the 5000 entries were not really ready for submission, but to be in the top 50, I imagine the book would have to be pretty good. Unless the pool to choose from was utterly diabolical.

For now, I guess I keep sending my queries out and hoping for the best. Fingers crossed something comes of it.

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