Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm feeling a little overcommitted at the moment. I have so many writing projects on the go, I'm not sure what I should be focusing on first. Plus there is real life to deal with and with the film Festival starting on Friday, the next three weeks are going to be off the charts busy. So, for a little mental clarity, I'm going to write down all the writing things I need to do so I can make some attempt at prioritizing them.

1. I need to finish polishing up my tree story for the KM awards (deadline July 23)
2. Finish femme-vampire story for Pill Hill Press (deadline early August)
3. Write new ending to Prayer and Prey (started last night & it's going well.)
4. Work more on A9 query letter and send out to more agents. I'm also deciding whether it might be worthwhile to pay for a professional edit on the MS before sending it out again.
5. Come up with an idea for Wizardpunk novella anthology and start writing.
6. Work on Holding it Together.
7. Entry for other NZ writing contest.
8. Work on Angels to make it the novella it so wants to be.
9. Scenes for screenplay.

Written down like that, it doesn't seem like too much, but somehow it feels a little overwhelming. Especially the Wizardpunk thing because every idea I've had has been shot down by the group I'm working with. I think I may wind up bowing out of this one. It's not really my genre, but I'm always up for a challenge and this seemed like a good one. Luckily the deadline isn't until November, so I have time.

It's also about inspiration. It's hard to force yourself to work on something you're not feeling inspired by. At the moment, what I want to work on is Prayer and Prey. So I feel like I should do that while I'm inspired to. I know my enthusiasm might wain....

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