Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I think all writers procrastinate. Even though we love what we do, sometimes it's hard to force yourself to sit own and do the work that needs to be done. I find revising and editing particularly onerous, and will do almost anything else to get out of it. That doesn't mean I'm not writing though. No, what it means is, rather than finishing something I've started, I move on to something else.

Example. I have two novels in various stages of revision. Plus three or four stories that really only need a final polish before they're ready to be sent out. So what do I do? I hear about an anthology of zombie erotica that has a deadline next week. It's zombie erotica. How can I resist?

Now, having written the zombie erotica (and I have to say, it was huge fun to do), I have to decide if I'm going to submit it. As someone who wants to publish YA novels, is it appropriate to publish erotica under my own name? Is this going to be a problem later in my career? I could use a pen name, I guess, but then when I list my credits, do I list those as "and under the name......"?

I'm not ashamed of writing erotica, although writing it still makes me blush sometimes. I'm just concerned that having my name associated with it may make me less desirable as a YA novelist. Or even just a novelist.

And of course, thinking about this, worrying about it, is just another way to procrastinate and not edit my novels. Now, off to start a story about sexy female vampires for another anthology... Or maybe I should go back to editing Prayer and Prey. The bath looks as if it could use a scrub though....

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