Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm fairly new to this online social networking thing. I've had Facebook for a while, but frankly it irritates me more than it helps. Too many people I don't know or like much friending me and then bombarding me with inane information. I'm sorry, but if we weren't friends then, why would I want to be now? And what is up with people who try to friend me when the only contact we've ever had is that I organized a function for them? You're a client, or a business associate, not a friend.

But I digress. That wasn't what I planned to talk about. I recently joined Twitter after having resisted for ages because I really don't need anything taking up my already limited time. I started following a few writer friends I know, and a few literary agents I have either queried, or want to query in the future and have added a few more since as I have gotten more involved with the whole Twitter thing. I have been absolutely amazed at how generous with their time some of these agents, editors and publishers are. I have taken part in several chat sessions now, and learned so much from them. Every question I asked was answered, and more than once, other people in the chat jumped in too.

I know these are busy people. They constantly tweet about the number of queries and manuscripts they have to read, yet are willing to put that aside and help out all of us aspiring writers out there. It's amazing and I for one want to let them know that I appreciate it greatly. It shows what passion these people have for their jobs and for the industry. I want that. If I get an agent - no, when I get an agent - I want someone with this passion and enthusiasm, because those are the people who will sell a book.

So thank you to all the agents and publishers out there who take the time to mingle with us, the great unpublished, and give us so much helpful advice. You know who you are...

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