Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly Goals 29-5-17

Now that I'm pretty well settled into the new house, there is no excuse not to get back into a good writing routine.  So that's my goal for this week: just to get butt in chair every day and get back into my routine.

I have the ghostwriting project to work on, although I really need to do more interviews before I can write a whole lot more, but also other books languishing in mostly-revised hell that I could be working on.

So this week, it doesn't matter what I work on, just so long as I work.

I'm also way behind on my reading goal, so I need to read a bit too.  Luckily there's a long weekend coming up!

What are your goals this week?


  1. You'll catch up eventually. Good goals to have!

  2. Yes, routine is important. Get back into the groove! :)

  3. So glad you are settled in your new home. You have been busy!

    Good luck getting back into a reading and writing routine. :)