Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekly Goals 3-11-14

My goals are simple this week: just write.

Three days into NaNo and I'm sitting on a word count of 5450.  Not great, but considering I didn't actually start my book until after I finished work last night, I'm taking it.  I won't get much done tomorrow, if anything, because I'm working all day and night, so I'm glad I have a little bit of a buffer.

I hope to hit 10K by Friday....

Is anything I'm writing good? Well, that's debatable.  I always find it takes a little while to settle in and find a new character's voice.  I'm there with that now, but I feel like I may have waffled a little in the story to find it.  I've just started Chapter 4, and I haven't hit my first big plot point yet.  I'd be concerned, but for this story to have the emotional impact I want it to, I need all five key players to be introduced before throwing a spanner into the works.  So I figure it's okay not to hit that plot point until Chapter 6 or 7.

And it's a first draft anyway.  A zero draft, really.  Word vomit onto the page.  I'll carve the real story out of the dried up vomit later.

What are your goals for the week?  Are you NaNoing?  How is it going for you?


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  2. I think that's a great word count. Also, very colorful description of your zero draft!

  3. Five key players? That's ambitious. I know you'll do well - you're a great writer and fast too! Go Kate!!

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