Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Goals 13-10-14

It's been a while since I did this, so I may be a little rusty...

I'm still sort of on a writing break.  I figure there's not a lot of point in starting something new now, when I want to do NaNo, so I'm just doodling around with an older project while I try to figure out what my NaNo book is going to be.

I have several ideas for NaNo.  Two are things I've already started and not finished, and four are all new ideas.  I know I'm going to be under pressure at work in November because my assistant manager is leaving.  So I need to make sure whatever project I choose to go with is one I'm going to be able to write reasonably easily (as if writing a book is ever easy).

I think I've pretty much narrowed it down to two choices: a story I've been trying to write for years and never managed to get quite right, and something new, based on an experience my boss had late last year.  If I can't decide between them, I may work on both through November.  I always like to have two projects on the go because if I get stuck on one, I can work on the other until I get un-stuck.

Are you doing NaNo this year?  Do you know what you're going to write?

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