Thursday, July 24, 2014

Celebrate the BIG things. I have an agent!

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So, what am I celebrating this week?

So…  BIG NEWS time.  Oddly enough, the big news I first teased you about isn’t the BIG NEWS I have to share today.  But maybe I should start at the beginning of the story.  Well, not quite the beginning-that was about 7 years ago, and we’re not going back that far!

Anyhooo….  This year I’d kind of given up querying.  I had one published book that was taking a lot of my time as far as publicity etc went, and I’ve been trying to finish the book I was half-way through when I went on my small-press journey.  So rather than investing time on queries, I’ve been entering the odd contest here and there, and hoping for the best.

Late last month I entered a contest called Pitcharama on the Aussie Owned and Read website.  There were no requesting agents, but instead, publishers.  I entered THE SIDEWALK’S REGRETS because I felt like STUMPED had been out and about a lot recently.  And it got two requests!  I was thrilled and sent off the requested pages right away.  Within a couple of days, one of the small presses had asked for a full.  Four days later they offered a contract. 


But the book was also out with a few agents and I’d also entered the New Leaf Pitch Perfect Twitter pitch contest that had resulted in a partial, then full request.  So I asked the small press to give me 10 days or so while I contacted all the other people who had the book.  They agreed and I sent out a bunch of emails. 

I got a couple of quick passes, a promise that I’d hear back soon that never eventuated, and a very exciting email from an assistant agent saying she would get back to me by the date I’d given as a deadline.

That morning I got up to discover an email from said assistant saying how much she, and another agent, had loved my book.  But…  (there’s always a but…) there were a lot of things they thought could have been done better and wanted changed.

Once those things were laid out, I could see how they would make the book better.  I had one of those head-palm moments where you just say “d’oh!”. 

She also said she and the other agent would like to schedule a Skype call with me.

My heart started beating harder. I re-read the email about 50 times trying to figure out what it actually meant.  Was this The Call?  I couldn’t quite figure it out.

But I organized a time (something of a challenge due to the time difference) for the Skype meeting and I was all set up and ready to go about half an hour beforehand.  We started off talking about the book, and then a little way into the call, they offered me representation.

I was thrilled.  After 7 years of querying and 10 novels, I finally had an offer from an agent.

The rest of the call is kind of a blur.  I knew I should have a lot of questions, but somehow they all vanished from my brain as soon as I head the words ‘we’d like to offer you representation’.  But we talked a little longer, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to announce that I am now represented by Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary, and also by Jackie Lindert who is the assistant agent at New Leaf who first saw my pitch and made the request.

Suzie was the first agent ever to request a full from me, way, way back when I had written a rather terrible historical romance.  So in a way, I feel like this was meant to be.  It just took a few years, and few novels, for it to actually happen.

My advice to every writer has to be: don’t give up.  Don’t stop writing and don’t stop sending your work out there.  Enter contests.  Do whatever you can to get your work in front of people.  It’s scary as hell, but if you want to get published, you have to do it. 

And I am so excited to dive into revising this book again, this time with the support and advice of my agent.  I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of saying those words… my agent.


  1. OMG!!!! YAY!!!! Congratulations :D I'm super beaming for you, you really worked hard, and you really earned this. And I know we'll see lots more amazing books from you in the future :D

  2. Congratulations! That's so exciting. You must be over the moon.

  3. Congratulations!!! That's amazing news. Just so exciting.

  4. Sorry I've been MIA since the A to Z tour! I'm not very consistent with this blog stuff. :)

    In any case, congratulations! Amazing news! And small world because I think I queried Suzie years ago, too, with my crappy first novel attempt. That one is still undergoing a constant cycle of revision, neglect, revision, neglect, but luckily #2 has done better and is published next month.

    I still don't have an agent, though, as I'd lost such hope ages ago. But you're so right that you just have to keep plugging away at it or it's never going to happen. Cheers to you!

  5. This is the most awesome thing ever!!!!!! :) I always said it would be you, Kate! I think I even told you once :) I am so happy for you *massive cuddle* Suzie Townsend is awesome!!!!

  6. Woohoo!!!! I'm so glad you got an agent -- well-deserved -- and that you detailed what The Call was like so we could all share in the thrill. I'm SO HAPPY for you!!!!

  7. Congratulations on getting a contract!

  8. It's no small thing to accomplish a goal, and you've done it. Hurray and congrats and champagne for everyone.

  9. SWEET!! What a journey. Congratulations, Kate!! Best of Luck!

  10. How wonderful! I am so excited for you. It is true not to give up and ti keep querying. Reading is subjective and the right agent will come along at the right time. I know it took a lot of time, energy, and querying, but it is all worth it in the end! :)

    Best of luck!

  11. Congratulations Kate. This is super news. Followed you via Lexa's blog.

  12. A huge CONGRATS to you! New Leaf and Suzie seem like really great people to have behind you- best of luck as you continue your career!

  13. Perseverance counts. Someone asked Humphrey Bogart if he knew while filming Casablanca that it would turn out to be a special movie. He replied that no, it was just one of a number of movies he was making, one after another.

  14. Wow, congratulations Kate! I hope you have the best of luck as you revise.

  15. Congratulations! So happy for you! It sure sounds like it was meant to be!

  16. Congratulations!! It's definitely been worth all your hard work.