Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weekly goals 3-6-14

Okay, so I've been pretty bad about doing this whole accountability thing...  But that said, I did manage to finish my draft on Friday night.  Finally.

So this week is a little goal-less.  I'm taking a short break while I try to focus my head before diving into revisions.  I think the long break I had in the middle of writing this book made a huge difference, because I'm pretty sure the idea I had to start with, and the idea I wound up with, are quite different different.  So when I revise, I'm going to have to focus the first half or more so it fits with the ending and what I feel the book is actually now about.

Or maybe I just figured out what I was writing in the process of writing it.  That often happens to me.  The joy of pantsing is that whole discovery of the story.  Unfortunately it also means you need to do a whole lot more revision at the end...  At least in my case.

But I feel like I know the core of my story now, and how things need to change to meet that.  I'm actually looking forward to revising even though I know my critique partners are going to have a field day with the chaotic mess I've managed to write.

What are your goals for this week?


  1. For me, that is one of the joys of pantsing. You watch the story develop. For me, there is a strong central notion and a firm concept of where the tale is going. Information-gathering is along the way, and it seems to let me see the layers of the story and bring them forward. (Profundity warning here:) I think that plotters and pantsers actually do have the story *mostly* set in their minds. The difference is the way they fiddle with things. That said, I decided to take off a month from my WIP so that I could get some distance. Best wishes for your writing!

  2. Good for you! Finishing a draft is a big deal. You deserve your short break :)

    Isn't pantsing fun? I love figuring out what my story is about.