Monday, October 21, 2013


I went to the library this morning and they must have just got a new shipment of books in.  I went, as I always do, to the new YA shelf and within about 30 seconds, I had 6 books.  So much for heading over to the adult section to see what new books were hanging out over there!

And on top of that, my Kindle is filling up with e-books.  People I know just keep publishing new ones, and I keep buying them, even though I don't have time to read them.  It's getting a little out of control!

Do any of you have this problem?  Too much to read and too little time?  I guess it isn't a bad problem to have, but whenever I think about everything I want to read, I feel a little overwhelmed.

So I'm off to buy another e-book.  My good friend Allyson Lindt has a new one out today.  So go and check out An Unconventional Fling....


  1. My Kindle is packed full of books, I'll never run out (or catch up :-D) But I still can't wait to add more.

    And thank you for the link <3

  2. I ALWAYS have this problem. there are SO MANY things I want to read, and it continues to get worse. Almost every writer blog I visit is now hawing a new release -- self-publishing offers so many more opportunities for a lot of writers, but it also creates a flood of things to read for readers. Oh, and my available reading time keeps dwindling -- I also am trying to do my own writing, and music making, and be in a church band, and have a job, and be with my family, and do all the "gottas" that home-ownership requires, and do volunteer work, and, and, and... Most evenings when I fall into bed, I rarely get more than two sentences read before I pass out.

    I would love to be able to have the time do everything I want to do and read everything I want to read, but there are only so many hours in the day. So right now, reading -- as much as I love it -- tends to get the short end of the stick...

  3. I do- every room in my house is filled with bookshelves. My TBR list is huge!

  4. I never have enough to to read all my books Kate. There's never enough time.

  5. If my TBR pile were real books, I'd be in serious danger of the stacks falling over and crushing me in my sleep. And I find I skim books now rather than really savoring them. *sigh*