Thursday, December 13, 2012

Progress update

I know I've been largely absent from the blog, and I apologize.  But I've been amazingly busy!

I'm in Cupid's Quiver, writing a new book that needs to be drafted by January 31st.  Which is double the NaNo time period, but there's Christmas in there, and my kids go on vacation next week until February 7th.  So I've been pumping out the words to try and give myself a good head start on this project.

I hit the 15K mark last night which I feel good about.  My goal is to hit 20K by Sunday night, and hopefully 30K by the 23rd of December.  I'm thinking 30K will be around about the halfway mark for this book.  It feels like it's going to be shorter than most of my stories, mainly because I'm writing from a boy POV and he's not as verbose as my girls tend to be.

And can I tell you how much I'm enjoying writing this book?  It's so much fun.  I'm torturing this poor kid so much.  But I love him.  He's so different to any character I've ever written before.  I know I'll get stuck at some point, but right now the words are flowing through me and everything seems to be going in the direction I want it to.  Which is pretty good considering I hadn't planned on writing this book until February and was going to do a lot more research before I started.

How's your project coming along?  Planning to write through the holidays, or take a break?


  1. It's great that you are really liking your characters, that helps in getting a project written. I'm in the middle of writing a sequel, and the more I write, the faster it's going. I will most definitely be writing during the holidays. I've already gotten 90% of my shopping done, so that won't stop me either.

  2. Good for you Katie. I'm just finished a final round of edits on my manuscript for what I can fix on my own. While I wait for CP and beta feedback I'm getting ready to start a new project.

  3. I'm mostly editing this month, but I am squeezing in writing time, too. I have to always be writing something or I go crazy.

    Good luck with your WIP.

  4. I love working on new projects! Have a wonderful holiday season writing :)

  5. I'm currently on a writing hiatus and instead am focusing on blogging & finishing college finals, however during winter break I plan on writing 24/7 :)

  6. Thanks for the support everyone! And I'm jealous of anyone who has already finished their shopping. I haven't started yet and really just don't want to do it. The kids won't mind will they? Much?