Monday, November 5, 2012

Thoughts from day 5...

So we're 5 days into NaNo and I just cracked the 10K mark.  See the nifty little gadget on the side of my blog?  If you're at all interested in keeping tabs on my progress, it's there.

And how do I feel?  Okay.  I'm sure I'm writing drivel, but I'm not worried about it yet.  I always knew this one would be tough because I'm way, way outside my comfort zone.  Firstly, I'm writing an historical which is not something I ever thought I'd do.  Secondly, I'm writing in three close third person POVs.  I struggle with third person, I admit it.  The thoughts and internal dialogue don't feel like they have a natural place and I always want to be an omnipotent narrator.

But I set myself this book for my NaNo project because it would be a challenge.  And it is.  But I love my characters, even snotty old William Heller, the villain of the piece.  But most of all, I love Ben, the scrawny, stunted fifteen year old farmhand who just wants a family to call his own.  And maybe to grow a little taller.

 Or do I love Danny more?  The out-of-his-depth accidental bank robber who only wants a safe place for his family.  And then there's Alice, my young English heroine who finds herself dumped in the middle of nowhere Australia with an inattentive husband twenty years older than her.  When she agreed to a marriage of convenience, she thought traveling to the other side of the globe would offer her freedoms she would never have had in England.  Boy, was she wrong!

I can't wait to see what's going to happen when all these people finally come together....

Anyone else want to share something about their NaNo project??


  1. Good luck with NaNo, Kate! I'm not doing NaNo but I started two new projects this months. That is until edits come in.

  2. Good for you for taking on the extra challenge of something new.

    I need to do some research for my WIP about a few things. It kind of makes things tough because I really want to know this stuff so I can write it right. But I know I should wait until the end so I have all my questions ready. I need to speak with a police officer and learn how the whole going to jail process works. Luckily, I have never been there. :) Mostly it affects my timeline, but I'm a pantser who writes out of order anyways.

    I've got about 11,000 words down. Still feeling good.