Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was at a friend's party yesterday, and a group of us were talking about quirks, those odd little things that are unique to you. One of my friends said she always had to peg her clothes to the line with the same color pegs. She couldn't stand to have one green peg and one yellow one on the same item - they both had to be the same. Another friend admitted that while she's generally very untidy about putting away her laundry, she has to keep her sheets and towels folded and stacked in her linen cupboard the way they have them in hotels. Another said she always did things in fours, like it was a magic number.

My quirk is around even numbers. I hate odd numbers. When I'm reading, I'll never leave a book on chapter 8 or 10 or 14 because that means I'll have read an odd number of chapters. I always read on until 11 or 9 or whatever. If I can't because I'm running late or need to go to sleep, I'll read a few pages into the chapter so I won't be leaving it on an odd number.

These tiny OCD things are what make us human and individual. When writing realistic characters, it's important to find some quirk to make them real.

What is your personal quirk? What's your favorite character's?


  1. I have to have the first scoop of peanut butter when we open a new jar and I have to scoop it out a certain way. I'm not sure what will happen if I don't but it probably involves the Mayan apocalypse.

    I honestly can't think of a quirk that my characters' have. Perhaps I can improve on that. Thanks!

  2. Not only do I need to use the same colour pegs on an item of clothing, but I choose a colour that is the same/compliments the colour of the clothing itself!

    I love even numbers and I have to have the volume of anything on an even number.

    All my CDs have to be turned in their cases so that they are perfectly upright.

    I have so many quirks I don't know how I have time to do anything else!

  3. Great post! My little quirk is the table settings. When I set the table I MUST have my plate one inch away from the end of edge of the table to the edge of the plate. My glass has to be perpendicular to my napkin and my fork has to always be the outside utensil. Yes, I'm fickle...can't help it! LOL