Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of my favorite things

I love second hand stores. This week I had a chance to go out to a far flung suburb and spend a few blissful, dusty hours trawling a barn-sized second hand clothing store. This place is so big, you almost need to decide before you get there what you want to look at.
"I think I'll do skirts today," or "Only knitwear this time." It can get a little overwhelming otherwise.

Foolishly, I didn't have a plan before I got in there, and by the time I'd fumbled my way through the dresses and pants, I was already getting fabric fatigue. But I plunged onward, into skirts, and managed to find an amazing one, almost new, from one of my favorite designer labels. $6.50. If I'd bought it new in their downtown store, I'd have been looking at $300. Minimum. Score!

Through the skirts and into the shirts. By this time, my arms ached from pushing hangers back and forth, and the pile of things I was clutching to try on was getting larger. But I don't get out there often, so was determined to make the most of it.

Two hours later, I staggered out, head reeling, nose full of dust and clutching a small plastic bag. Along with the amazing skirt, I got two very nice shirts and a pair of pants. Total cost? $34.00.

I love second hand stores. Do you? Do you have a technique to battle the fatigue that comes with bargain hunting?


  1. I haven't been second hand shopping in forever but you just inspired me to go. It takes work but can really pay off! :)

  2. I love Goodwill. We have an awesome one here where I once bought a Missoni wrap dress for $5 and sold on ebay for $250. I almost died when the auction ended as it went up by over a hundred dollars in the last minute. I actually loved the dress, but it didn't really fit me.

  3. I love second hand shops too. It's such a buzz to get a real bargain!

  4. I hope you find some fantastic bargains, Crystal!

    Shell, that's a fantastic story. I never thought about reselling things on ebay, but that is a great idea.

    And yes, Angeline, there is something very exhilarating about finding bargains, isn't there. I guess at heart we are all Scrooge...

  5. Nice! You scored. I don't get much time to shop without kids so it is always in and out for me.

  6. Me too, Kelley!

    It's always such a special occasion to be able to go out and shop without kids underfoot... Although this store has a whole room of kids' clothes too, which I never even got to. Next time I'll take my boys because they're always needing new stuff.