Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The weather here has been insane. Totally off the wall crazy. Yesterday it was pouring rain when I got up, but by the time I took E to school, it was fine enough I needed sunglasses. When I got back from the gym, it poured again, only to fine up enough to walk to the supermarket about a half hour later.

Then in the afternoon, the sky got dark. Really dark. Thunder growled somewhere just over the horizon. Wind whipped through the trees outside the window. I bundled little O up and we ran for the bus stop, steel colored clouds heavy above our heads. We got on the bus just as the clouds broke and rain poured down again. On the way into town, the rain turned to hail. And this wasn't just little hail, it was huge. It looked like snow piled up on the street.

Going down the small hill on the way to my cinema, the bus almost crashed, but managed to make it by going at about 2 miles an hour. The hail piled up against buildings and floated down the gutters on rivers of rainwater. It was incredible. And fifteen minutes later, you guessed it: sun.

This whacky weather comes after a winter of weirdness. We had a very mild winter this year, apart from the super-cold snap where we got snow (for the first time in 30+ years). When you add these odd climactic happenings to the earthquakes, floods, forest fires and other natural disasters around the globe, I have to question whether the world is coming to an end. Or if nature is fighting back against us for poisoning her.

What do you think?


  1. Wow! That would have completely freaked me out! It seemed like you timed it well though, only going out right before the craziness started each time. Glad you and the little one were ok on that bus!

  2. It's a pretty scary thought... NZ has had a bit of bad runs with weather lately... let's hope it's just that and nothing worse...

  3. Shhh.... The gods may hear us and re-invoke their wrath...