Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday night on the street

When I finished work on Saturday night, town was just beginning to fill up with the party crowd. While I waited for the bus, I watched a mini-van full of really drunk 20-somethings try and negotiate paying the driver and getting out to continue their night out. There were three girls, all dressed in tiny black dresses that barely covered their asses. In fact, when one of them bent over to talk to the mini-van driver, nothing covered her butt, and she wasn't wearing any underwear. Luckily it wasn't too cold on Saturday night, but then again, even if it had been, I doubt these girls would have felt a thing.

The guys had on weather-appropriate clothing, but were possibly even more drunk than the girls. One of them took a piss against the back of the taxi van rather than walking the few meters across the road to the public toilets. And this van was parked on the bus stop where at least 15 or so people were waiting.

Eventually they managed to sort out their bill and the van drove away. The five people, toting a plastic grocery bag of those ready-mixed cocktails, stumbled off down the street. All three girls were wearing shoes with ridiculously high heels, the kind I wouldn't dare to attempt even when stone cold sober. They wobbled and teetered their way along, often weaving out into the middle of the road for no reason. One of the guys, the one who pissed on the car, insisted on walking on the street, ignoring the wide sidewalk.

I lost sight of them once they turned down one of the side-streets. I wonder where they were going. No bar would have let them in; they were too intoxicated. Maybe they were going to a party, dragging along their pathetic little sack of RTDs. I doubt any of them would even remember if they had a good time or not. I overheard them saying that the taxi into town had cost $95.00 ( which is probably why paying the driver was such a huge mission) so they must have come a long way for their night out. I hope it was worth it.

Do you enjoy watching people on the street? Do you find yourself wondering what the hell they're thinking a lot of the time? Or am I just getting old?


  1. I love watching people. I find it oddly compelling, even if there's that moment when you really want to look away, but dare not miss a bit. Great post - thanks for taking me with you!

  2. I usually enjoy watching people, though sometimes I need to make an effort to keep from getting too lost in my own little world.

    On the way to Toronto yesterday afternoon for a seminar, the GO transit bus was down to standing room only, and I was one of the last people on. In the aisle just ahead of me were a mother with her son maybe around six years old, and she sat down and let her boy sit in her lap, and play games on his cell phone to pass the hour-long drive. I wonder what they were going into the city for.