Thursday, April 21, 2011

S is for.... Songs of The Sea

It's been a while since I had any real writing here, so for my S post, I'm sharing a poem that has more 'S's in it than anything. I don't really write poetry, but for some reason I like this one.


Sunlight slants through steely clouds,

Streaking the seething water.

Seagulls squawk their sorrows,

Sailing, soaring on the Southerly.

Shadowed skies bruise shifting sand,

Scraping stones and shifting shingle.

Shivering surfers scan the horizon,

Searching, seeking the perfect swell.

Satisfied, they speed across Scorching Bay.

Scratching a path through seaweed,

Stranded by the shore.

Storm worsening, sheet lightning streaks,

Sending shattered shards of brightness,

Squirreling over the sea.

Shrieking gale sends foam skyward,

Sweeps summer aside,

Settles a new season.

Sleet sings through wires,

Slinging chills down city streets.

Sailors sink into rain-soaked sand,

Struggling to secure their ships,

Stinging salt searing weathered skin.

Swaying trees send leaves spiralling,

Spilling onto sodden sludge,

Souring, stinking on the shore.

Swiftly scudding clouds spread,

Sun sneaking through slits,

Sapphire slivers sparkle on the swell.

Southerly slowly ceasing,

Stopping its squalling.

Sunshine swallows the surrounds.

Sensual whispers,

Sibilant songs of the sea.

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