Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home again

Well, the great Aussie adventure is over. Back home, and already it feels like I haven't even left. Well, apart from the fact I don't usually have 240 emails to wade through on a Sunday afternoon. I was actually surprised it wasn't more...

I'm not sure what the boys are going to have taken away from this trip. The elder one spent two days at the War Memorial which has an outstanding museum behind it. Unfortunately, it appears he got entirely the wrong message from the place, and keeps saying he wishes we could have a war. The younger one was happiest at home, whining and complaining everywhere we went. I know it was tiring for him though. Keeping up with the older one is a challenge, even for me!

Lots of little things to catch up on this week on the writing front too. I had a story accepted for an anthology yesterday, which is cool. Except I never submitted it. The editor read it as a contest entry early last year, and remembered it. He emailed me and asked if he could publish it. I agreed, but looking over the story, one of my very early efforts since becoming a more serious writer of short fiction, it needs work. Quite a bit of work. So I'm onto that.

I also need to get some kind of idea where my NaNoWriMo novel might head. I've always been a complete pantser, but I have a feeling I may need to write myself a few notes before I start. I know my characters, I know the inciting incident in the novel, I know a few events I'd like to see on the journey toward the end, and I have an idea where we might end up, but can't be certain I'll get there. But I guess that's part of the fun. It could also be traumatic if I hit the 25K mark and get stuck, or lose my way. So perhaps a few guidelines would help. I'm going to write in chapters for the first time, and plan to write in sequence which I usually don't do when writing novels. I think writing chapters may require more thought in terms of structure.

We shall see....

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