Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for Spin

I never thought I'd be a gym person.  The few times I went to gyms when I was younger, the relentlessly perky, uber-cheerful instructors really got on my nerves.  So it was with great trepidation that I agreed to join a new gym near our house a few years back.

But once I started doing classes, I realized not all gym instructors are as awful as the ones I came across as a student.  In fact, I've even become good friends with a few of the trainers at my gym now.

These days I mainly do spin classes.  I really enjoyed doing weights, but my new job means none of the weights classes are at times I can go, and because I'm sitting most of the day, I feel like doing cardio is probably more important anyway.

If you've never done spin, it's a cycling class.  Over an hour, you work through a series of different 'terrains' on the bike by turning resistance on the wheel up and down.  It's a great workout and I always come out dripping with sweat.  I like that it's entirely in my hands how hard I work.  If I haven't been all week and am feeling tired, I can keep the resistance lighter than if I'm feeling in peak form. And doing it with a group of people keeps you going far longer than if you were working out alone.

Have you ever done a spin class?  Did you enjoy it?


  1. I've never done a spin class, but I have trouble on upright bikes - for some reason my toes go numb and become really painful - so I only use recumbents :). My husband loves bikes though, although I think he prefers to go places rather than use ones that stay in the same place :).
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  2. I remember one time there was a sign-up sheet at my work for a spin class and I immediately did, thinking it was something completely different. Let's just say it was for a class like you described and had nothing to do with turning a pile of wool into yarn. Thankfully I found out before the class actually started. Showing up with a pile of fleece would've been more than a little embarrassing.

  3. Haven't done a spin class... but it sounds like food.