Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Reading

What else could R be for?  I love to read.  I learned how when I was three and I haven't stopped.  I probably read three or four books every week, but I still never make it through half what I want to read.  Just check out my books on Goodreads if you don't believe me!

My oldest son loves to read as much as me.  Almost every time I want him to do anything, I'll find I'm on his bunk bed, earbuds in, book in hand.  He's 10, but he seems more like a teenager every day.

My youngest, on the other hand, isn't a great reader.  It's really only this year, when he's almost 8, that he's even started picking up books to read alone.  And I have to really push him to do that.  It worries me because I can't imagine a world without reading.

Reading takes you to other worlds.  It's entertaining.  It's educational.  It's informative.  I can't imagine my commute to work without reading, or flights to other cities or countries.  I read in the bath before bed each night and it's so much a part of my nightly routine, I doubt I'd be able to sleep without that forty minutes with my book each night.  I read while I drink my coffee in the morning.  And in any other little pockets of time I might find myself with during the day.

While I'll always be loyal to paper books, I love having an e-reader on my phone.  It means even when I'm going out to a gig or to the theatre or to a fancy party, I always have a book to read on the way or way home.  I think one of my biggest fears must be being stuck somewhere without something to read….

Do you get panicky when you're out and about and finish a book?


  1. I love reading, I couldn't imagine life without it. I don't get to read as much as I'd like to, though.

  2. I love books and reading. I usually just feel disappointed when I get to the end of a book because there's not more :). I read a lot of fanfic as well as published books. Reading is wonderful and I wish everyone could appreciate it.
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  3. I love reading and there's so much to read during the A-Z challenge.

  4. I don't get panicky, but I usually do have a book with me at all times, and I read at all hours. I absolutely love books. I'm also glad to see reading is alive and well with young people. During a school visit this week, going from class to class (3rd grade through 6th) the kids said much of what you said here: "You can learn things from books." "They entertain you." And, what delighted me, one girl said books were better than movies, "because you can use your imagination." Isn't that cool?