Thursday, March 22, 2018

Celebrate the Small Things 23-3-18

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What am I celebrating this week?

It's Friday!

It has been a long, frustrating week at work so I am looking forward to the weekend.  I was going to have to go to Auckland to work at an event all weekend, but at the last minute our plans changed, so I don't have to go after all.  Which is wonderful because I really feel like I need a weekend.

Especially since next weekend is Easter and we're supposed be going to an three-day music festival where we need to camp.  I haven't been camping for about 17 years, so I need some time to figure out what we need, and where we can borrow it.  Hopefully the weather forecast is better for th elong weekend than it is for this weekend....  If it's going to be terrible, I think I'll let my partner who's working at the festival, go alone.

I managed some writing this week. Not a whole lot, but my story is beginning to take shape.  I just need to write the middle now.  I have the beginning and the end.  The weekend will be a good time to do this.

My pub quiz team finally got orgnanised to go back to our favourite quiz on Wednesday night for the first time in 2018, and we came second.  By one point. Not a bad way to kick off the season, eh?

What are you celebrating this week?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Books I've Read: Sugar Lump

This was a fun, easy read that had a little twist to it.  I'm not sure I believed it 100%, but I enjoyed it, so I don't think it really matters.

CC has been dragged around the country with her father for years. As a result, she's started blogging about her travels and gained a huge following.  But no real friends.  So when her father gets a job in Sugar Lump, a picture perfect town known for weddings that last forever, she doesn't initially think it will be any different than any of the other places they've lived.

But Sugar Lump is different.  Soon CC has a house, friends and even a couple of boys who may or may not be interested in her.  She thinks she's finally found a home.  So why is her father so adamant she leaves to go to college next year?

When she overhears the mayor saying something about 'taking out' someone who doesn't follow the rules, Sugar Lump's perfection suddently become something more sinister.

I enjoyed this book.  Having spent most of my childhood being dragged around the world, I sympathized with CC's desire for a permanent home and friends that lasted more than a year or two.  And Sugar Lump's quirky perfection was well realized, even if the sense of there being something wrong about the place permeated even the very first descriptions of it.  

Maybe I'm a cynic.

The twist wasn't quite as surprising as it could have been, but there were some things I didn't see coming, even if I had figured out the bulk of it before I reached the end.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read.

But don't just truat my opinion.  Here's the blurb:

Seventeen-year-old travel blogger CC is stuck on a never-ending road trip with her wanderlust-addicted father. When her dad lands the job of his dreams in Sugar Lump—wedding capital of the world—CC finally finds a place to call home. Complete with two quirky best friends and a quixotic guy to crush on, Sugar Lump is more shades of perfect than she can possibly count.

But when CC accidentally overhears the mayor complaining that she has to “take out” a rogue employee for not fulfilling the terms of his contract, the idyllic town’s facade crumbles. Devastated by the possibility of having to move yet again, CC discovers everyone has been keeping a massive secret from her—including her own father.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weekly Goals 19-3-18

I had a bad week last week and did very little writing.  This week I plan to rectify that and add around 5K to my story.

I was also bad in terms of my exercise regimen, so I plan to fix that too, and go to the gym at least three times.

Let's get things back on track before they fall entirely apart, shall we?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Celebrate the Small Things 16-3-18

This post is part of Lexa Cain's bloghop, Celebrate the Small Things. Head on over there to join up!

What am I celebrating this week?

My best friend is playing up the coast tonight so I'm heading up to see her.  It's been a couple of months, so I'm looking forward to catching up with her.

Another friend I haven't seen in a while is coming over on Saturday, so it will be nice to catch up with her too.

I went to another Arts Festival show, an Irish Swan Lake that had nothing in common with the classical ballet.  It was wonderful and so was the meal my mother and I had at a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a long time.  It's always nice when something you've been wanting to try for a long time ends up being just as wonderful as you'd heard!

It has been a busy week at work this week, but it has been a good one.  I'm looking forward to the weekend, but not desperate for it.  Although I will need to get my butt into my chair and do some writing because I haven't managed any yet this week between work trips, theatre shows and life.

What are you celebrating this week?