Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekly Goals 18-6-18

Not sure how it happened, but I completely blanked on writing my weekly goals post yesterday.  But better late than never, eh?

Anyway, it's the same story.  Revision.

I have about ten chapters left to edit, and they are the ones that need the most work, so I'm only aiming to get through four this week.  I hope I can manage it.  It's already proving to be a very busy week.

My pub quiz team has won the last two weeks, so I'm hoping we can make that three in a row this week.  Not sure if we'll manage though, because one of our regular team members is taking a few weeks off for the World Cup.

My son turns eleven on Thursday.  My younger son.  Can't quite figure out how that happened....

What are your goals this week?


  1. It seems like revision never ends, doesn't it? And it's still Monday over here so you got it up in time :P

  2. Good luck with revision. They feel never ending, but then they do end and you're like, "WHAT DO I DO NOW?????" LOL