Monday, September 26, 2011

Furious Rant

I don't get mad often. Ticked off maybe, but not downright furious. Few things actively enrage me. My printer at work not working is one. I actually walked out of my job last year, swearing 'I quit!' as I left because the printer just wouldn't work. Unfortunately I left my bag behind with my money and bus pass in it, so I ended up going back....

This morning, I had another furious moment. I have to book my kids in to swim school for next term and the system they use for bookings is ridiculous and infuriating. Yesterday I tried calling at least 4 times and was on hold for more than 15 minutes each time. I also tried several times last wee and spent many minutes on hold. I don't have time to spend 3 hours of my day on hold, sorry. When I finally got through yesterday, they told me I couldn't book until 8am today. Tearing my hair out by now, believe me!

So at exactly 8am this morning, I was on the phone. I was on hold for 40 minutes, getting more and more agitated as the walk to school grew later and later. Finally the tinny hold music stopped, the phone started ringing, and I thought I was about to get through. The phone rang. And rang. And rang. Finally it clicked like it was getting picked up. And you know what? They hung up on me.

It was at this point my frustration and rage at the ridiculous system (remember, I've had to go through this every term for the last 3 years) peaked and I just lost it. I think my partner is going to divorce me. I have rarely if ever been so angry. I have a huge swollen bruised knuckle from punching the wall now, but it only reminds me of how stupid the system is. They set up online bookings last year, but every time I try to use the site, it crashes when you get to the point of actually booking the class.

So I ran off to drop the kids at school, still breathing fire from every orifice. Then, when I got back from the gym, I tried again. This time I got through in only 10 minutes and managed to book my son's friend a place in the same class.

So, it has all ended up okay, but I am already dreading having to go through it all again next term. And my knuckle hurts....

What makes you really angry?


  1. ohmygosh, I would have been furious too! That sounds ridiculous.

  2. Is there anywhere else you can book? If we had such an insane system at the dance studio, parents would leave in droves.

  3. Unfortunately there is no other way to book. It's run by the City Council... And believe me, every term I say we're giving up on these things because it's so ridiculous. But there isn't another pool that offers lessons nearby, so we're kind of stuck.

  4. We all have days like that. I think the fact that the system doesn't respect your time is especially infuriating.

    Hope your knuckles are ok?

  5. That's so infuriating. That's exactly the same kind of thing that makes me punch my desk (because it's sturdier than the wall and I never remember we have a punching bag in the basement).

    I hope you got your knuckles iced and it doesn't keep you from typing.

  6. Knuckles are fine now, thanks. And I've even gotten over the day long grumpiness now....