Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just finished the first draft of The Boyfriend Plague, the book that has been kicking my ass for the last three months. It's such a relief.

I'm pretty sure it's a huge, steaming pile of manure, but I'm also sure there's a good book somewhere in there. I'm just going to have to wade in and try to dig it out. But first, I'm taking a week off. A whole long, luxurious week with no writing, no pressure. I need to catch up on my critiquing and I should send some more queries for Taillights.

Then I'll dive into the dreaded revision.

The book is 31 chapters long at the moment, so I figure if I revise/rewrite one chapter a day through October, I should have something to give my betas and critique partners by the beginning of November. Just in time for NaNo, or the other secret project that may come up around that time...

But right now, I'm going to take a deliciously trashy novel out into my backyard and soak up some sunshine while I read.

How do you celebrate finishing a book?


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  2. I am on chapter 20 of my novel (244 pages) and I have been writing it for 12 years. I don't yet know what it is to finish a book, but I hope to someday find out.

    P.S. My screenplay took me only two years to finish.

    However, I thought about it for ten years before I first started writing.
    September 23, 2011 4:18 AM

  3. My first book took me about 25 years to write. Since then I've gotten a lot quicker....

  4. Congratulations!

    I celebrate by punishing my nearest and dearest with the terrible thing--I email it to the ones who have to pretend to like it :).

    Swift Scribbler

  5. You're brave, subjecting a first draft on anyone. I usually do one round of revisions before I let my MS out into the world. So, CPs and Betas, you have about 5 weeks before you'll be prevailed upon...

  6. It ALWAYS changes.
    I've celebrated with something like shoes.
    I've also celebrated by just taking a long, silent walk.

    Congrats :D