Thursday, November 10, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: 11/11/16

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So what am I celebrating this week?

Like many of you, I'm not really celebrating this week.  I don't even live in America and I'm frightened about what the election results are going to mean for my friends and family who live there, and for the world as a whole.  Because you can't deny the influence American politics has on the rest of the world.

And then to lose Leonard Cohen in the same week...

Seriously 2016?  This year has been a bastard both personally and in a wider sense.  I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up again in 2017.  There are no promises a new year will be any better, but at least it feels like a fresh start.

So celebrating...  Hmmm...  It seems petty to talk about NaNo and word count and the fact I'm going to the Sing-Along Grease at my favorite cinema tonight.  Or that I'm getting a new haircut and color tomorrow, but at the same time, it's these little everyday joys that make up a life, and I plan to make the most of them.

So I'm celebrating hitting 17.5K on my (very bad) NaNo book and that I get to dress up as Rizzo tonight and sing my heart out with 800 other people.

What are you choosing to celebrate this week?


  1. Congrats on hitting 17.5k, have a great weekend!

  2. I'm ignoring the election and am very, very glad I don't live in the US anymore. Congrats on truly enjoying the small things like a haircut and color, and that sing-a-long sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! Have a lovely weekend and good luck with NaNo!

  3. Really wish I could come live with you for the next four years. I never imagined 2016 would get this bad...

    1. You're welcome to come. The house is small, but we'll figure out a way to squeeze you in.

  4. I think it would be best to reserve judgment.

  5. We're going to need to find things to celebrate, just so we can survive mentally and emotionally. Congrats on your word count.