Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things 26-6-15

This post is part of  Lexa Cain's bloghop, Celebrate the Small Things (Lexa has just taken it over from VikLit who has hosted it for the last 2 years). Head on over there to join up! 

So, what am I celebrating this week?

It's been a much quieter week at work and I've managed to get through lots of the little things I've been putting off.  An with being home all week, I've managed to write most nights, making it past the 25K mark in my WIP.  I hope to get a bit more done over the weekend so I can make it to the 30K mark next week.

The kids stayed with my parents tonight so my partner and I got a date night. We went to my Friday night work drinks, then out to dinner and to see Love and Mercy at the movies.  It's been so long since we had a date night!  Too long

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. It's so nice to see progress on our wips. Keep up the good work. And yes, we all need date nights.

  2. oh, congrats for the date night!! Must feel wonderful :)
    And jealous of all your writing! I know I should get to it.

  3. How great about the date night! Getting to 25k on the WIP is awesome! Keep going and I bet you'll hit 30k before you know it. :)

  4. Congrats on your progress! Hope you enjoyed your date night!

  5. That’s good to hear! Writing plus a date night. Sounds like a good week. : )

  6. Congrats on getting work done on your WIP Kate and yay! for date nights :D have a great weekend!

    Lori @ The Rattling Bones

  7. A date night sounds amazing...those are so hard to come by ;) And yay to all the writing!