Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm developing a love/hate relationship with my in-box. I am trying to wean myself away from checking my gmail account 15 times a day, just in case something wonderful is in there, but the urge is still there. Yet most times I check it, there is nothing of interest in there at all. And if there is, it's usually a rejection and frankly, I've had so many of those now, they're just not that interesting.

Yet a spark of hope lights in me every time I hold my mouse over that little icon. This time? Will there be something there this time? Every now and again, there is. This week I had another story accepted for an anthology, so that was good news. I now have 3 pieces in the same book. But I also had a rejection from an agent I would really have liked to work with. And this morning I got a rejection for a story I really like from a publication that took 131 days to decide to reject it. At least they said they really liked the story...

So, am I a masochist? Why do I compulsively check my email when I know 99% of the time it'll end up being disappointing or painful? Because on the odd occasion there is something good in there, it's awesome, that's why.

Gotta go. My inbox hasn't ben checked in....well, ten minutes.


  1. Don't ever get an iPhone - ever. It's taken over my life and I check Twitter and email all day long. I break out in a cold sweat if it's not near hand.

    Congratulations on the acceptance. The right agent will come along.

  2. My partner is desperate for an iphone and has been for years. I'm trying to avoid that because I'm already way too available for work as it is. But I'm sure it will come....