Thursday, July 15, 2010

Changed perspective

I went to the opening of the Film Festival last night. The film was one I had already seen, and enjoyed, a few months ago. This time though, I did not enjoy it nearly as much. In fact, I found it quite flawed, primarily because it looked down at the audience. Rather than just letting the information sink in, the film makers felt, in several scenes, that they needed to bash us over the heads with it. People are not that stupid. Film is a language and in this day and age, everyone speaks it. If you've shown the protagonist making the connection in his head, you don't then need to show us a flashback of what actually happened. We've figured it out, thank you very much.

I see a lot of films. A lot. Over the next couple of weeks I expect I'll see at least one every day, and on some days, two or three. I think because of the number of films I see, I am far less forgiving of flaws. A film has to be really good to impress me. This year, I haven't seen a huge number of films that have blown my mind. There have been some good ones, some enjoyable ones, but nothing that made me sit up straight and go "Wow". Except maybe Toy Story 3. And what does that say about the film industry?

So, I'm hoping that over the next 17 days, I will find a 'wow' movie. Of course, you will be the first to know....

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