Thursday, May 3, 2018

Celebrate the Small Things 4-5-18

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What am I celebrating this week?

My story was accepted for the anthology.  It looks like it will be published in August, so that's something to look forward to.

It has been a busy week with a major event I've been working on for several weeks on Monday.  Thankfully everything went really smoothly and the announcements were received enthusiastically.  I'm hoping to have a couple of quieter weeks at work now, because several of my team, and other teams, have left for Cannes.  We have another big event right after they get back that I'm working on, but that feels like it's under control at this stage.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and will start editing one of the two novels I have that need work on Monday.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. That's great news about the anthology! I hope your weekend is nice and quiet. You've earned it :)

  2. Congrats on the anthology. How exciting!

    I hope you get to relax this weekend. :)

  3. Yay for the acceptance! And enthusiasm is always great - so encouraging. Have a great week!