Sunday, November 19, 2017

Weekly Goals 20-11-17

It's going to be a busy week.  I have work things I have to go to in the evenings three out of five nights, so finding time to write is going to be nigh on impossible.

Hence my decision to give up on the idea of winning NaNo.

I did get some good writing done over the weekend though, and I'm over 28K into the book.  Which is pretty tragic really, when you consider the bulk of the book is yet to come....  I definitely noodled around too long in getting things started.

But that's what revision is for!

So my goal this week is to just keep working on the darn thing.  I'm trying not to obsess about word count and reaching that glorious 50K.  Just moving forward is important.

And sleeping.  I definitely need to do more sleeping.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. I've found that as long as you want to keep going with the story, you'll keep going with the story. Sleeping on the other hand is a lot harder.