Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekly Goals 16-10-17

I'm sorry I missed my Celebrate post on Friday.  I completely forgot to set one up before I went on holiday and I didn't have my computer with me.

We had a very pleasant 3 days in Taranaki.  The weather was (mostly) kind and we enjoyed walking on the mountain and in Pukakura Park and especially the Len Lye Center.

But back to reality today.  The kids go back to school after two weeks' vacation and I have to go back to work.  Luckily this weekend is a long weekend...

My goal this week is to get a few things in place for STUMPED's release and figure out a few more things about my NaNo project so I can get writing on November 1.  I know a lot about my MC, but some of the other characters aren't quite so clear to me yet, so I need to work on that.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Glad you had some nice weather and pleasant days on your holiday.

    Best of luck with your NaNo plans. I hope to be able to participate, but I have to get some revisions done first—aka, my goals for the week.

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  3. Everyone needs a blogging break now and then. Good luck with your release and your NaNo planning! :)