Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekly Goals 7-8-17

Once again, I'm not setting myself any real goals for the week because I know I won't achieve any of them.

So my goal is to keep seeing and enjoying the films the film festival has to offer.

I've seen three more since I last wrote, so here are my little reviews.

Marjorie Prime is one of those films you kind of want to see again as soon as you come out, with the knowledge you now have.  It's set in a future where computerized holograms of your deceased loved ones can keep you company.  They learn from talking to you and your family and friends, but of course that means your own memories get repeated back to you when the hologram (or Prime) talks to you about things.  It was a fascinating film about the nature of memory and had lots of little twists in it that I wasn't expecting at all.

Berlin Syndrome is a creepy little number and a warning to anyone traveling alone.  An Australian tourist arrives in Berlin, traveling alone.  On her first day there, she meets a handsome English teacher called Andi and he shows her some sights.  The next day she goes home with him, they make love and it seems like she's having the holiday romance she deserves.  Until she realizes he's locked her into his apartment and has no intention of letting her out…

Dina is a documentary about a couple preparing to get married.  Dina and Larry both have Aspergers and watching them prepare for a life together is both touching and hilarious.  I felt like this one was a little long, and while the characters were charming and fascinating, not enough happened to sustain the length of the film.

And that's it so far.  More to come later in the week.

What are your goals this week?


  1. I bet those holograms would be popular...But, no thanks.

  2. Still film festivaling, huh? They sound like interesting movies. I really want to see Marjorie Prime.