Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weekly Goals 24-7-17

I got some good work done on the ghostwriting project last week, so I'm feeling good about keeping going with that.  I hope to get through another chapter this week. Although I will run out of material to work with soon and will need to meet up with the subject again to do more interviews.  Not sure when that will be possible, but I guess we'll figure that out along the way.

The film festival starts on Thursday, so the next couple of  weeks will be crazy with juggling work and films and writing and real life.  I love it though.  I just need to remind myself not to beat myself up too much if I don't get much writing work done. Something has to give…

I had a reasonably quiet weekend and managed to get some reading done which is great.  I hate watching the number of books behind I am on Goodreads creep upward. I'm still behind, but the number of books behind I am feels manageable.  Or at least, not impossible.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Still jealous that you get to do things like film festivals...As far as keeping pace on Goodreads, maybe it's that I read a lot of graphic novels, or purposefully set the bar low, but I haven't had a problem with that since I started there. I already hit my goal this year. In the past I've shifted it upward, never know. Good to know Goodreads is impressed, right?

    Writing goals for the week are to...write. I had some major breakthroughs on several projects today, so hopefully I can work on at least one of them.

  2. Enjoy your busy life! You seem to be great at doing a lot of things in a small amount of time. It's something I aspire to :)