Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekly Goals 27-2-17

I didn't get through nearly as much work last week as I had hoped, so this week I have to try and get back on track.

I didn't exactly slack off last week.  I did a lot of writing-related work, but I just didn't work on my manuscript as much as I had planned.  But there is no point beating myself up about it.  I can only start afresh this week, and try to get through another 6-10 chapters.

What are your goals this week?  Do you beat yourself up when you don't reach them?


  1. I sometimes beat myself up when I don't reach my goals, but then I usually try to let it go. The negative energy doesn't help me in the long-run. :) Hope you have a great week!

  2. Always. It's totally counterproductive, but I can't help it. Even if I was as busy as you were last week! Anyway, I hope things go smoothly this week.

  3. I plan to dedicate more time to actual writing goals. I tend to get sidetracked easily.