Tuesday, August 16, 2016

No Books I've Loved This Week...

I sat down to write my weekly 'books I've loved' post, and came up blank.  I've read books over the last week, but nothing I could honestly say I loved.  In fact, in many cases I've barely even liked what I read.

Maybe it's me...  Maybe I just picked up the wrong books when I was at the library.  I don't know.  I just know I haven't loved the last three or four books I've read.

It could be a mood thing.  Or it could be that the books I picked up just weren't that great.  Or it might be that I need a change.  I've read primarily YA books this year, as I tend to, but maybe I need something adult for a change.  Or a new genre.

Does anyone have a suggestion of something that might rocket me out of my reading malaise?  I need something that will grip me, something that will tear my heart out, something that I'll still be thinking about three weeks after I finish it.

What would you reccommend?


  1. Too many books to mention. I'd recommend something meaty like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, if you haven't already read it.

  2. It happens sometimes. You just don't connect with a book. I'm not sure about a recommendation on what to read, though. I've actually been reading a lot of comics lately.

  3. I've recently enjoyed Love As A Stranger by Owen Marshall and My Brilliant Friend , reading the next one now