Wednesday, January 14, 2015

And… Done!

I finished my NaNo novel last night.

It feels like a huge relief.  Not because it's been hard to write because it hasn't.  But because I kind of discovered the story as I wrote it and now I know what it is, I can revise and make the book work.

It's a daunting task.  Right now I'm too scared to even go back and read through the entire thing.  I know it sucks.  I know it sucks badly.  It's going to need to be re-written almost entirely so the beginning, middle and end match up and the themes and character arcs are consistent.

So this is where I leave it for now.  I need some time away to consolidate what the story is before I try to revise it.  So I'm going on holiday and not taking my computer.  I'm not going to write at all for the 9 days I'm at the beach.

Hopefully when I get back, I'll be ready to look at my words again and get into shaping my steaming pile of poop into a book that people might want to read.  If I'm not, I have other projects that need attention while I work myself up to attacking My Murder Year (which I'm thinking might become My Own Kind of Crazy). Feel free to weigh in on which title you like more…

How long do you leave your manuscripts before diving into revisions?


  1. Congrats on finishing the rough draft. Editing is such a mountainous task, isn't it? I always find it easier to keep myself going on one book by taking breaks with other mini-projects that aren't so edit-heavy.

    I think I like My Own Kind of Crazy better. It's more memorable somehow.

  2. I love to read about this life you enjoy. Your accomplishments amaze me! Writing is a lot of fun, yet I see myself as a blogger.

    I don't write anything as lengthy as you do. Nor would I have the length of edit time involved.

    In children's stories I keep in simple. The little bitty ones need things uncomplicated. My job is to encourage them to repeatedly ask to have the story read to them, again and again.

    As for breaks, I am usually working on the illustrations. I use a story board to break down conversations and events into drawings to enhance their understanding.

    During one story I went on a two day sewing spree for a 18 month old niece. I made seven outfits for her to wear at the beach... four were reversible.

    But here's the easy part... I've never published them. I make copies for all the children who want them. It's more of a hobby I suppose.

    You however, are the real deal. Congratulations, Kate!

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on finishing! I think about 2 weeks is enough time to let it sit, although others say a month...

  4. I hope you enjoy your holiday! I don't know if I could make the commitment to purposely not bring the manuscript along...what if you get a brilliant idea while away? While I understand the need for a break, I'm the type of person that likes to have all my options at my fingertips :) Good luck on your revisions...whenever it is you decide to tackle them!

  5. Yay for finishing!!! Have fun on your holiday, and enjoy the writing-free time ;)

  6. Congrats on finishing! Just getting through to the end is a huge accomplishment. I usually give stories a two or three week break before diving in again on the next phase. As far as the title goes, I like "My Own Kind of Crazy." Have a great holiday and good luck with your revisions!