Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dream Destination Blog Hop

My friend and CP, Lexa Cain's book, Soul Cutter, comes out on Friday this week.  I'm so excited for her because her book is fantastic. As part of the release, she and fellow author, Julie Flanders are hosting a really inventive blog hop contest with amazing prizes including agent critiques and masses of books.

The Dream Destination Blog-Hop is almost here!!!

On Thursday Dec 5, 
1. Post about your Dream Destination with blog-hop badge.
2. Post links to Lexa and Julie's blogs --


--  and invite your visitors to go there and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway.
3. Don't forget to go and enter the giveaway yourself!
4. Use the Linky tool to visit the other bloggers to see the wonderful places they want to visit!
Click HERE to find out about all the fantastic prizes you can win!  
I'm entering, so pop back on Thursday to find out about my dream destination....


  1. Thank you so much for plugging the hop! I can't wait to hear about your destination because I think you've already been everywhere! lol

    1. Not everywhere... I still have a few places on my bucket list!

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