Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Common mistakes part 3 or 4....

Yes, here's another installment of 'common mistakes I see while reading.'

This one's a doozy because it's a 3 way one.

Peak - it's the top of something, a mountain, the highest point. "The temperature is at its peak around midday."  Or, "We climbed the mountain until we reached its peak."

Peek - a sneaky little look at something.  "I took a peek at the candy hidden under the counter."

Pique - it's anger, but usually fairly mild or irrational anger.  "He stormed off in a fit of pique."  Interestingly, this can also be used to mean you're intrigued, "The story piqued my interest."

I keep seeing these three being mixed up and it irritates me.  So I thought I'd just do a helpful public service by clearing that one up....


  1. These three are definitely tricky. I'm really good at picking up mistakes in writing and sometimes these slip right by me. Thanks for pointing out the correct usage of each. :-)

  2. That's hilarious. I have to think if I've made that mistake before...

  3. I just wish the people that need these public service announcements read your blog.